19 Sep 2015

District fails to vote in Hawke's Bay poll

7:50 am on 19 September 2015

The final poll result on the failed proposal to create a single Hawke's Bay council for the region has revealed that in one district, not a single eligible voter actually voted.

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Photo: RNZ

That was in Taupo District, where 36 individuals were facing the prospect of being absorbed into Hawke's Bay.

The plan to merge Napier, Hastings, Wairoa, Central Hawke's Bay and the regional council into a single authority spurred fierce debate elsewhere.

In the corner of Rangitikei District which was set for amalgamation, there was a 50 per cent split, with two people voting for and two against.

It is not known how the other eight registered voters would have voted if they had.

Across the whole region, the no vote was just over 66 percent 66.3 with Napier, Wairoa and Central Hawke's Bay rejecting the plan for a single council.

Hastings District, whose mayor Laurence Yule was a strong supporter of the merger, was the only district to vote for change, but only just - with just over 51 percent 51.54 support.