22 Sep 2015

Retrospective approval denied quarry

5:24 am on 22 September 2015

A quarry on the Otago Peninsula that has breached its resource consent conditions has been declined retrospective approval.

The quarried dirt 'overburden' dumped in large piles in front of the quarry pit.

The Geary Hill quarry pit. Photo: RNZ / Ian Telfer

The rock quarry on Geary Hill in Papanui Inlet is in a designated Outstanding Landscape Area.

In 2007 it was given consent, with 22 conditions placed on its size and visual effect.

However, it expanded beyond the set limits and the quarry owner applied to vary the consent conditions.

In a decision released today Dunedin City Council found the adverse effects on the landscape are inconsistent with the District Plan's objectives to maintain and enhance the character of the rural area.

The decision is expected to put the quarry under greater scrutiny but not close it.

The quarry owners have 15 working days to appeal against the decision.