23 Sep 2015

Rubbish advertising for Thai restaurant

7:53 am on 23 September 2015

The New Plymouth District Council has been left red-faced after the phone number of a Thai restaurant was printed on 1.8 million of its new rubbish bags.

Siam Thai Fusion Cuisine

Siam Thai Fusion Cuisine thanked the council for the free advertisement. Photo: Facebook / Siam Thai Fusion Cuisine

The bags are part of the council's new kerbside recycling system, but instead of its number they carry that of the Siam Thai Fusion Cuisine restaurant.

Manager of water and waste Mark Hall said he had apologised to the restaurant owners and warned them they might get calls about the new rubbish collection service.

He said people should ignore the number on the rubbish bags - unless they in fact want to order a meal from the New Plymouth restaurant - and instead call 06 759 6060 if they have questions about the new rubbish and recycling system.

On its Facebook page the restaurant pointed out the error but gave a "big thank you" to the council for the "free yearly advertisement."

The council said the typo would be corrected when the 2016/17 allotment of rubbish bags was prepared next year.