26 Sep 2015

Child sex offender arrested in Christchurch

7:00 pm on 26 September 2015

A convicted sex offender at large for more than 24 hours after the removal of his electronic monitor has been arrested in Christchurch.

Patrick McGreevy

Patrick McGreevy Photo: Supplied

Police said in a statement that Patrick McGreevy, 45, was arrested in Christchurch at 5.35pm.

They said he was now in custody and would appear in court on Monday.

He has previous convictions for dishonesty, abduction and sexual offending against a child, and was on a 10-year extended supervision order due to expire in 2019.

Before his arrest, he was last known to have been in Christchurch shortly before 1am.

Corrections said staff had responded quickly once the anklet's tamper alarm went off, and informed the police within 10 minutes.

The police had described McGreevy as a potential risk to the community and requested the public's help to find him.