3 Feb 2016

Mayor moves to clear up dirty water problem

3:07 pm on 3 February 2016

Far North Mayor John Carter is reassuring Kaeo residents his council will do what it can to sort out the town's dirty water crisis.

Discoloured water flows from a tap in Kaeo.

Photo: Supplied

Water from the town supply is coming out of the taps brown, with an odd smell, and health authorities have told residents to boil it before drinking it.

The council is not legally responsible for the scheme, which is run by a local trust.

But Mr Carter said the council had a moral responsibility to help.

"What will happen now ... is getting a report from the elected community board member from that area," he said.

"I was unaware until this story came to light yesterday, actually, that there was a problem and so now I'm looking for an update and we will then see where we can work with the other authorities to assist the community."

Mr Carter said it might be more economic to get every Kaeo household harvesting rainwater than to prop up a town supply plagued with problems.