24 Mar 2016

Wild weather: Locals credited with saving guests' lives in Franz Josef

7:19 pm on 24 March 2016

People could have died when a flood went through a hotel, if it wasn't for the actions of two locals who were monitoring the river, Westland Civil Defence says.

The Waiho River broke its banks late last night, sending floodwaters through the Mueller Scenic Hotel and the Top Ten Holiday Camp, north of Franz Josef on the West Coast.

The hotel has been evacuated and a state of emergency declared.

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Civil defence controller Allan Wilson said the two local men had been watching the river, concerned that the stop bank might collapse, and warned people when they saw it start to go.

Mr Wilson said, without them, lives could have been lost.

"That's not worth considering. It really isn't. That could have been disastrous," he said.

"You had, you know, 70 people in there. If that had come through when they were still in there... it's just not worth thinking about."

The same two men later warned the holiday camp when water was headed its way, allowing tourists time to collect essential belongings, he said.

RNZ reporter Conan Young, in Franz Josef, told Checkpoint with John Campbell that work was continuing to try to plug the gap in the river's stop banks.

Diggers were trying to re-route the river away from the hotel with the help of large rocks.

They had a massive job ahead of them as the river was running high and fast, and had deposited large amounts of debris and silt around the hotel, he said.

However, the severe weather and torrential downpours had eased and the Waiho was no longer posing a threat to other accommodation providers.

Hotel guests evacuated last night have been allowed back in to collect their belongings, and those spoken to by RNZ News said there was no damage to their things.

Flooding has also hit Nelson and Tasman, and trees have brought down power lines in Auckland as wild weather lashed the country today.

The Waiho River bursts its banks and runs through the Mueller Hotel in Franz Josef

The Waiho River runs through the Mueller Scenic Hotel in Franz Josef on the West Coast. Photo: RNZ / Conan Young

The Waiho River bursts its banks and runs through the Mueller Hotel in Franz Joseph

Floodwaters surge into the streets around the hotel. Photo: RNZ / Conan Young

Guests have been allowed back into the Mueller Scenic Hotel in Franz Josef, which is still flooded, to collect their belongings.

Guests have been allowed back into the hotel to collect their belongings. Photo: RNZ / Conan Young

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