9 May 2016

Woman vows to fight if ex-boss fails to pay

8:39 pm on 9 May 2016

A woman at the centre of a long-running and bitter employment dispute says she's relieved it's over, but won't be surprised if her former boss refuses to accept the ruling.

A judge in the Employment Court in Nelson has ruled that Mia Nelson was subjected to a "sustained campaign of intimidatory conduct" by her employer, Tony Katavich, for nearly four years.

Mr Katavich appealed against an earlier ruling by the Employment Relations Authority that he pay Ms Nelson more than $35,000 after he demoted and dismissed her from a managerial role in 2012.

Ms Nelson, who now lives in Hamilton, said she was happy the ruling was upheld and further compensation ordered.

But she said she would continue to fight if necessary.

"Hopefully this is the last of it and it will be over, but me and my lawyer have been like we'll keep fighting for as long as we have to, I guess for the greater good."