17 Apr 2012

Quad bike crackdown skips safety frames

10:45 am on 17 April 2012

Department of Labour officials say their autumn campaign to stamp out the unsafe use of quad bikes doesn't include say the use by farmers of safety frames on their four-wheel bikes.

The department's central division general manager, Ona de Rooy, says occupational safety inspectors are half way through visiting 400 farms.

She says half the farmers are being visited for a second time, because a previous inspection has identified they're not adhering to the department's key safety demands.

Safety frames are not a primary focus at this point, in terms of what the risks are and how they are managed.

Ms de Rooy says the department's inspectors are emphasising four key messages, reflecting what the data says are the biggest risks.

The messages are that helmets should be used, riders should be trained and competent, children must not ride adult quad bikes and the right vehicle should be used for the job.

Ms de Rooy says the department's role regarding the safe use of quad-bikes is farm focussed, but it is also having discussions with the police over the use of quad bikes on main roads.