9 Jul 2012

Meat exporters urged not to miss out on halal trade

6:27 am on 9 July 2012

Meat exporters are among a number of New Zealand firms being urged not to miss out on trade in the $2.3 trillion halal economy.

The New Zealand Asia Institute, which is part of Auckland University, holds its first Asia Dialogue conference this week.

The focus is on business opportunities in Muslim markets.

The institute says the halal economy is growing by 20% a year and markets, including Malaysia and Indonesia, are under-utilised.

Greenlea Premier Meats of Hamilton has been exporting halal meat for 18 years.

Managing director Tony Egan, who will speak at the conference, says there has been a growing emergence of standard halal demand over the last 10 to 15 years, which New Zealand is tapping into at the moment.

Last year meat exports to halal markets were worth nearly $500 million.

The New Zealand Asia Institute says food exports are only part of the picture, and other sectors that could take advantage of the halal economy range from finance and travel to furniture making.