5 Sep 2012

Confirmation PSA now in Coromandel awaited

9:04 am on 5 September 2012

Kiwifruit Vine Health expects to have final confirmation on Wednesday that the PSA vine disease has been found in Coromandel.

Four Gold 9 variety vines on a nine hectare orchard near Whenuakite have provisionally tested positive for the disease.

It's the first reported case of the disease in the region.

KVH chief executive Barry O'Neil said most of the kiwifruit inside a 10km control area around the infected orchard, are the Hort 16A gold variety, which is very susceptible to PSA.

Mr O'Neil said that means it's likely vines in other orchards in the area will become infected.

PSA was first discovered on a Te Puke orchard in November 2010 and 1300 orchards in Bay of Plenty, South Auckland and Waikato are infected.