11 Sep 2012

Advertising on pollen found to be misleading

12:32 pm on 11 September 2012

An agricultural sales company has been reprimanded for misleading advertising on kiwifruit pollen. But it escaped blame that this might have been connected with the outbreak of the PSA vine disease.

Kiwi Pollen (NZ) Ltd was investigated by the Commerce Commission over misleading material about where its pollen came from.

The commission says the company sold pollen imported from Chile, but gave the impression that all of its kiwifruit pollen was sourced from New Zealand.

The commission says kiwifruit growers consider the country of origin of pollen very important, and were denied the chance to make a purchase decision based on this klnowledge.

The commission went on to look into accusations the imported pollen was a potential source of the PSA.

But it found no conclusive evidence to show that the imported pollen sold by Kiwi Pollen caused the outbreak.

The commission says it has decided to let the company off with a warning.