18 Oct 2012

Dairy Women's Network membership soars

4:00 pm on 18 October 2012

More than 700 new members have joined the the Dairy Women's Network over the past year - boosting its numbers by 30%.

The group, which supports and educates women in the dairy business, held its annual general meeting in Hamilton on Wednesday night.

Its membership jumped from 2400 to 3100 in the year to the end of May.

Chief executive Sarah Speight says they've come leaps and bounds since the organisation was founded in 1998 - and she expects that momentum will only continue.

"It's almost like a snowball effect," she says. "The more people know about something, the more they're able to pass that on.

"And we're trying really hard to provide relevant events and forums for women involved in dairying. We're listening to what their needs are, as well as what the needs of industry are - because the dream is that women are seen as equal partners in the dairying business."

Ms Speight says they now have 30 regional groups throughout the country and run nearly 200 events every year.