5 Dec 2012

Wools of NZ campaign continues

7:19 pm on 5 December 2012

Farmers have until 14 December to subscribe to the farmer owned promotional company Wools of New Zealand (WONZ) capital raising venture.

The company has just finished more than 40 farmer meetings around the country, asking farmers to invest up to $10 million to help market and sell strong wool, with the aim of improving the long term returns back to the farm.

But Wools of New Zealand chair Mark Shadbolt says it won't be easing up on its campaign to get farmers to invest a minimum of $5 million.

He says many farmers haven't attended the meetings and the organisation will keep trying to communicate with growers in any way it can.

Mr Shadbolt says WONZ will hold further meetings after it was asked to do so.

He says they are writing to the Wool Services International grower shareholders because they had notification that there is an offer on the table for their shares.

"And we are encouraging that group to consider shifting their investment in Wool Services, when the funds are available, into Wools of New Zealand".

Mr Shadbolt says they are also writing to ram breeders.