14 Feb 2013

Coromandel residents oppose DoC 1080 drop

10:20 pm on 14 February 2013

Rural residents in the upper Coromandel Peninsula want the Department of Conservation to stop a planned aerial drop of 1080 poison.

DoC has announced its intention to distribute the poison over 4500 hectares of conservation land at Moehau in May for possum and rat control.

Upper Coromandel Landcare Association spokesperson, Reihana Robinson, who's a local organic grower, says it's the first time DoC has proposed a 1080 drop on that land.

She says the Coromandel Colville Community Board has asked the department for a meeting to discuss alternative pest control, such as trapping and bait stations, which have been used up until now.

Ms Robinson says the main concern is that there has been no real consultation from DoC.

She says it's a new aggressive attitude from the organisation which may signal the way DoC's going to treat rural communities throughout the country.

Ms Robinson says local people have a number of concerns including that they don't want the poison in any amount in their water sources, nor do they want toxic dust on their farms and homes, and they object to the affect it will have on the region's 'clean green' image.

She says as well as asking for a meeting, residents are seeking other information from DoC.