25 Mar 2013

Major Taranaki farmer readjusting to climate change

7:30 am on 25 March 2013

Taranaki's largest dairy-farming business is thinking of how to change its practices to cope with drought - which it blames on global climate change.

PKW Farms, which is a Maori-run operation, is Fonterra's biggest Taranaki milk supplier. It says it has lost $1.5 million in revenue in March because of the current drought.

Chief executive Dion Tuuta says the company will now start planning for the variable seasons ahead and protecting its operations from climatic swings - given that the weather patterns have become so unpredictable.

He says the pressure is now on to come up with more innovative ways of dealing with these sorts of issues.

The Federation of Maori Authorities is encouraging Maori farmers throughout the country to work together to prepare for climate change.