19 Apr 2013

Greens concerned at approval of GE soybean

9:06 pm on 19 April 2013

The Green Party has protested at the approval of another genetically-engineered food product for use in New Zealand while there has been no official response on a recent foods risks study.

The party's GE spokesperson, Steffan Browning, says Food Standards Australia and New Zealand has announced its third approval this year of a genetically-engineered soybean.

Mr Browning says it takes the list of approvals to 59 and that is concerning, because the authority has never declined any of these products despite being presented with strong evidence there are health risks.

"Here they are actually putting the tick to yet another genetically-engineered soy - this one resistant to three different herbicides - for the New Zealand and Australian public.

"And they still haven't come to a conclusion about this latest study."