16 May 2013

Final share supply price set by Fonterra

6:48 pm on 16 May 2013

Fonterra has confirmed the final price farmers will receive for selling shares in its latest supply offer into the Shareholders Fund is $7.92.

The price was calculated on the average daily traded price over the last two weeks, and is an increase of 44% on the price when Trading Among Farmers was launched last year.

Farmers who park shares in the fund get the cash value but give up the dividend rights, which are sold to outside investors who buy units in the fund.

The price has been calculated from the average price the units have fetched in daily trading on the Stock Exchange over the past fortnight.

They are currently trading at $7.98.

Fonterra had to provide the bulk of the $525 million funding to start the fund last year after it attracted relatively low interest from farmers.

It says the latest supply offer will allow it to return the proceeds of the original seeding of the fund.

Farmers taking up the offer are able to deposit up to a quarter of the shares they need to hold to match their milk supply.

They have a further week to participate before the offer closes at 5pm next Thursday.

More farmer interest is expected this time, but Trading Among Farmers general manager Aaron Jenkins said it's too early gauge the response.

Craig's Investment Partners head of private wealth research Mark Lister says the fund's share price has been near the $8 mark for some time and a lot of farmers will have noticed that the share price has been much stronger.