17 May 2013

Farmers may get more chances to sell Fonterra shares

6:34 am on 17 May 2013

Fonterra says its farmer shareholders may get further opportunities to sell the economic rights to some of their shares in return for cash.

The co-operative is currently offering farmers a second chance to participate in its new Shareholders Fund after their limited response when it was launched late last year as part of its TAF or Trading Among Farmers scheme.

Farmers who park shares in the fund get the cash value but give up the dividend rights, which are sold to outside investors who buy units in the fund.

Those taking up the latest offer will get $7.92 per share, but they have less than a week left to make up their minds.

Trading Among Farmers general manager Aaron Jenkins said there may be further offers, depending on the response.

He said this particular supply offer is capped at $475 million, so if take-up is less than that there could be another one in the future.

Mr Jenkins said long term the plan is that Trading Among Farmers will give farmers the flexibility to sell economic rights at any time.

He said that's something that will be looked at after November 2013 when TAF has been running for 12 months.