16 Jul 2009

New carpet brand announced

1:01 pm on 16 July 2009

Wool Partners has announced its latest attempt to improve returns to wool growers.

It's launched its Leneve brand, which will allow customers to trace a carpet from the sheep's back, to the retail store.

Wool Partners has also signed two supply agreements with carpet makers, Glen Eden Wool Carpet and Bellbridge Carpets.

Chief executive Iain Abercrombie says the brand will be put on high-end carpets in North America and Europe from early next year, and should distinguish New Zealand wool from its rivals and synthetic fibres.

Mr Abercrombie says he expects other manufacturers to also sign in coming months.

He says most farmers already meet the standards required, but will have to be documented.

WPI was formed last year as a joint venture between PGG Wrightson and a new farmer co-operative, with the aim of reversing the long-term decline in wool prices.