24 Jul 2009

Changes expected from review of animal welfare codes

9:54 am on 24 July 2009

The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee expects to recommend changes to hen and pig welfare codes as the result of new research in these areas.

The committee, which develops codes for farmed and other animals, is due to review the standards this year for the care of both layer hens and broiler hens raised for their meat.

The welfare code for pigs is also due for review and the committee is under instruction from the Minister of Agriculture to give that priority after concerns were raised about the use of sow stalls on pig farms.

NAWAC chair, Dr Peter O'Hara, says the committee expects to make significant changes to all these codes as a result of new information provided by research.

But at this stage, he can't say how that might affect the use of pig crates or keeping layer hens in cages.