14 Oct 2009

Food production differences outlined prior to film premiere

1:55 pm on 14 October 2009

Beef & Lamb New Zealand has highlighted the differences between how food is produced in this country compared with the United States, ahead of the premiere of a documentary film on Wednesday night.

Food Inc is described by its producers as revealing how a handful of corporations control the food supply in the US, producing food in massive factory farms and processing it in huge industrial plants.

The film is screening as a fundraiser for Farmers Markets New Zealand.

Beef & Lamb says New Zealand's industry revolves around a pasture-based production system rather than intensive grain-fed farming seen in the US.

Chief executive Rod Slater says it is also much more energy efficient and relies less on fertilisers and pesticides.

Mr Slater says he does not think the film will get a lot of support from the New Zealand public, and he's surprised that the Farmers Markets organisation has decided to support the film.

However FM chair Chris Fortune says the film will encourage people to think about how food is produced.