30 Jan 2010

Wool prices rise at latest auction

12:36 pm on 30 January 2010

Wool prices at Thursday's auction rose across the board on the back of strong demand and a more favourable currency.

New Zealand Wool Services International reports that the New Zealand dollar has fallen almost 2% against the main wool trading currencies since last week's sale.

While the softening dollar helped prices in the local market, increased demand and a forecast lower supply also increased the export value for most wool types.

Of the 25,000 bales of wool on offer at the combined sale in Napier and Christchurch, 94% sold. South Island prices generally edged above those in the North.

Compared with the last time it was on offer two weeks ago, mid-micron wool increased by up to 5% and first lambs wool made the same gain.

Fine crossbred fleece and shears were firm to 3% dearer while coarse crossbred fleece and second shears were up to 7% stronger.

Competition was well spread with Chinese interests continuing to dominate demand for the finer wools.

Next week's auction will also be a combined North and South Island sale, where almost 13,000 bales will be on offer.