22 Jul 2013

Registered brand names of formula exports to be published

6:35 am on 22 July 2013

The Ministry for Primary Industries expects to publish a list of registered brand names this month, for New Zealand infant formula products exported to China.

It says the list will be made available to consumers as well as Chinese authorities so they can check that formulas carrying New Zealand labels are valid.

MPI introduced a new infant formula brand register last month. It requires companies exporting those products to China to have the specific brand name included on the export certificate.

China has asked for brand information to be added to export certificates as part of its efforts to crack down on false labelling.

MPI said 30 exporters had registered their brands last month. They were required to provide more detailed information by 6 July, including copies of actual labels approved by Chinese regulators with translations and associated formulation information.

MPI said it's had a good response to that, although it's still waiting for additional details from some exporters.