7 Aug 2013

Kiwifruit growers urged to consider neighbours when spraying

6:27 am on 7 August 2013

Kiwifruit growers and contractors are being reminded to follow the air plan rules in Bay of Plenty to reduce the risk of spray drift.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council says it is the time of the season where growers will be turning to popular spray hydrogen cyanamide, known as Hi-Cane.

Hi-Cane is sprayed on kiwifruit vines as it promotes bud break, induces and shortens the flowering period, and leads to bigger and more plentiful fruit. But it's also toxic to animals, especially dogs.

Council senior pollution prevention officer John Morris said growers needed to follow the rules and let their neighbours know what was going on, on the orchard.

"They have to consider people beyond their property boundaries that they're spraying," Mr Morris said.

"Our advice is always look at our rules as a guideline, or as the bare minimum, but also improve their standards by just going beyond and doing that little bit extra towards the community."

Neighbours could tie up their dogs away from orchards if growers let them know when they would be spraying Hi-Cane, Mr Morris said.