22 Aug 2013

Reality setting in for Marlborough farmers

6:35 am on 22 August 2013

Marlborough's rural support trust co-ordinator says farming operations have been able to continue with relatively little disruption from Friday's big earthquake.

Ian Blair says the emotional shock is setting in for some farming families who may not be able to continue living in their earthquake shattered homes.

But he says the earthquake has had relatively little impact on day to day farming activities, such as looking after stock, especially with lambing underway.

Mr Blair says there has been some damage to tracks and bridges on farms, but people are getting on with activity.

He says that generally farming enterprises are managed by two people - one will be out on the farm, while the other is likely to remain around the house.

Mr Blair says after the quake rural men seem to be not venturing too far from home, so if there is another aftershock they can support their partners.

He says almost all quake affected farms have their water supply back now, after repairs to the main water scheme supplying the Awatere Valley and the bordering area.

He expects the two or three farms still without water to have full supply restored in the next day or so.