10 Sep 2013

Rural Women say Canterbury people still stressed

2:13 pm on 10 September 2013

The Rural Women New Zealand organisation says people in Canterbury are still suffering from post-traumatic stress, three years after the first big earthquake struck the region.

And it says Government support services and community groups need to keeping helping those people.

Rural Women's national councillor for Canterbury, Kerry Maw, says the latest statistics reveal there's been a spike in the suicide rate in North Canterbury.

She says while no direct connection has been found between the quakes and suicides, the stresses experienced by 'quake migrants' from Christchurch's eastern suburbs who have shifted to North Canterbury and economic pressures among the farming community are likely to be significant factors.

She says people can experience stress, anxiety and depression three or four years after a traumatic event.

Ms Maw says Rural Women New Zealand is planning to launch another fund-raising drive at its AGM in November to provide further counselling for people still suffering post-traumatic stress from the Canterbury earthquakes.