1 Oct 2013

Flower growers join home-grown move

6:35 am on 1 October 2013

Say it with flowers - New Zealand flowers that is. The organisation representing commercial flower growers is launching a promotional campaign called We Love New Zealand Grown.

Flowers Growers Association chairman David Blewden said the campaign was about championing home-grown flowers and encouraging retailers and consumers to ask where their flowers came from.

There had been an explosion of imported flowers this year, and hundreds of commercial growers were struggling.

"Our concern is not so much that the imports are there, because imports have been a feature of our market for many, many years," Mr Blewden said.

However, consumers were often unaware they were buying imported flowers, he said.

"The association feels very strongly that the consumer should be given an informed choice around what they are buying so that if they want to buy an imported flower, they're aware that's what they're doing."

By the same token, they should also know if they were buying a New Zealand-grown flower, Mr Blewden said.