15 Nov 2013

Rakon predicts huge growth in precision agriculture market

7:56 am on 15 November 2013

A high-tech New Zealand company has its eye on the precision agriculture market.

Rakon specialises in advanced crystal and oscillator technologies that are used in global positioning and navigational systems.

Rakon managing director Brent Robinson says it's believed the global precision agriculture market will be worth $3.7 billion within five years as farmers adopt increasingly sophisticated technology.

He says precision agriculture is a rapidly growing field and GPS devices are being put in tractors, automatic steering and asset management.

Mr Robinson says tractors are being manufactured that do ploughing and crop fertilising - but have no drivers.

He says the market is emerging and one of Rakon's customers, John Deere, believes it's so important that they have their own GPS division, and Rakon is a key part of that.