26 Nov 2013

NZ duck-caller contests America's world championship

10:19 am on 26 November 2013

New Zealand's duck calling champion Russell West is the first ever competitor from outside North America to take part in the world duck calling competition in the US.

New Zealand's duck calling champion Russell West

New Zealand's duck calling champion Russell West Photo: SUPPLIED

This year's competition is on 30 November in Stuttgart, Arkansas, where the international competition has been held since 1936.

Mr West has only been competitively duck-calling since February and admits his first efforts weren't much chop.

But he mastered the art of the duck call and now he's off to the US on Wednesday

The competition will have 68 competitors at the start, and Mr West says he will be happy if he's not eliminated in the first round!

Each caller is given one-and-a-half minutes to paint a sound picture of how they call to bring in ducks while hunting - calls that are broken down into components such as bottom hens, feed chatter, step up, come back, second feed chatter, and lonesome hen.

The competition is about finding who has the best control of their call in going from the top to the bottom and overall flow of the routine.