10 Dec 2013

Shearers set sights on record

6:28 am on 10 December 2013

A team of shearers plan to get their names into the record books by setting the first five-stand lamb shearing record.

Emily Welch has organised the challenge, which is being held on Tuesday at Cashmore Farms in Kawakawa Bay, between Clevedon and the Firth of Thames.

The eight-hour event will be the largest shearing record bid in New Zealand since a six-stand nine-hour record in Southland in 2005.

Mrs Welch, who set a women's record of 648 lambs in nine hours in 2007, says they've had to bring in some extra lambs and have 3000 ready for shearing.

"It's gotta be run like a normal, eight-hour shearing day, so start at 7 and finish at 5, with four two-hour runs," she says.

"The shearer has to catch all their own sheep and do all their own gear and there's a certain level - the lambs have to be shorn relatively cleanly."

There was no established record for a five-stand bid, which was why the gang had chosen it.

"So they're not all the best shearers in New Zealand. They're the best shearers in our gang and the ones who wanted to have a go at doing a personal best and getting a world record," she says.

Three shearers are aiming for 600 lambs and the other two for 550 and 500 respectively.