20 Dec 2013

Conservation group calls for Royal Commission into 1080

6:23 am on 20 December 2013

A Coromandel conservation group is calling for a Royal Commission to investigate the use of the 1080 poison.

The Upper Coromandel Landcare Association spokesperson Reihana Robertson says the group's not happy with a finding by the Environmental Protection Authority that 1080 is the best possible method for controlling pests.

Nor is she happy that Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright called for more 1080 to be used.

Ms Robertson says 1080 is a dangerous toxin which needs to be reassessed by an independent Royal Commission.

In July the commissioner said she was disappointed that the Department of Conservation spent more money researching 1080 and alternatives, than using it.

Dr Wright said time is running out for native species on the mainland.

She said possums, rats and stoats are inflicting enormous damage on native birds and that New Zealand was lucky to have 1080.