20 Dec 2013

Farm vehicle safety workshop for women in Waikato

6:23 am on 20 December 2013

A practical farm vehicle safety programme has been run for women and children on dairy farms in Waikato.

The Dairy Women's Network together with the John Deere franchise AGrowQuip in Waikato ran the workshops which were attended by about 50 people.

Dairy Women Network chair Michelle Wilson says the workshops used real farm situations to illustrate how dangerous situations can arise.

She says tractors were available for the women to try, and they were able to drive tractors over a hump to see how that impacts on the person who's operating it and shift baleage to see how that puts weight on the front of the tractor.

Ms Wilson says Gator utility vehicles, which are an alternative to quad bikes but more balanced and with more safety features were also available to try.

She says women don't always have the same experience as the men on the farm and this course was designed to upskill them.