22 Jan 2014

Roading network hammered by quake

8:19 am on 22 January 2014

The roading network in parts of Wairarapa and Tararua appears to be the biggest casualty of this week's 6.2 magnitude earthquake, Federated Farmers says.

The federation's Wairarapa president, Jamie Falloon, said while the quake broke items both on his farm and in the farmhouse, the Wairarapa area appeared to have largely gotten off relatively lightly.

"With the earthquake ground movement and the rocking and rolling, I've certainly got a pipe out of the pump somewhere underground which is obviously broken," he said.

Water pipe and tank damage where the ground had moved and slumped would be the main problem for farmers, as well as the general cleanup of houses.

Mr Falloon's own house got off relatively lightly except for three broken mirrors - which he hoped would not bring 21 years' bad luck.

But it was the roads which had been hardest hit, which many having large cracks in them.

"I know my neighbour up the end of a one way road has got probably a 100m crack right back into the cliff face, so they're pretty worried that if that goes they'll be stuck up there," Mr Falloon said.

Roading contractors had been busy throughout the area today assessing damage.