5 Feb 2014

WPC scare triggers food law changes

6:32 am on 5 February 2014

Food Safety Minister Nikki Kaye is seeking changes to food legislation, in the wake of the Government inquiry into Fonterra's botulism false alarm last year.

Assoc Immigration Minister Nikki Kaye.

Assoc Immigration Minister Nikki Kaye. Photo: NATIONAL PARTY

The inquiry into the whey protein concentrate contamination alert recommended a number of changes to food laws and regulations, including the provisions for recalling food products.

The minister is asking the Primary Production Select Committee to make sure mandatory recall measures in the new Food Bill it's considering are aligned with another piece of legislation, the Animal Products Act, covering dairy and meat products.

She says that's to make sure the Government has consistent powers to order a food recall if that's required .

The Food Bill has been in the pipeline for a number of years, but the minister wants it passed this year.

And she's proposing that the recall provisions and other measures for managing a food safety response should take effect as soon as the Bill is enacted, rather than waiting until next year.