6 Feb 2014

Dairy leader still keen to join board

6:35 am on 6 February 2014

Dairy farming leader John Monaghan remains keen to join the Alliance meat co-operative board, despite comments from chairman Murray Taggart that he had withdrawn from the selection process.

Mr Monaghan, who is a director of Fonterra, is supported by the Meat Industry Excellence group and Alliance farmer-shareholders who want the meat industry reformed.

They say Mr Monaghan has the necessary skills to contribute to that.

The Alliance board rejected Mrb Monaghan's bid to become a director because he had too small a shareholding in the company, but farmer-shareholders passed a non-binding resolution at the annual meeting asking the board to appoint him as an independent director.

Chairman Murray Taggart said last week he understood John Monaghan had told the recruitment consultant conducting the initial process of selecting an independent director, that he was withdrawing from the exercise.

However, Mr Monaghan says he is still available if that is what the shareholders want, but feels the selection process is inappropriate.

"I made it very clear that I wasn't prepared to go through an interview that was a facade and that I would review my position."

But Mr Monaghan says he's still available and industry reform is now even more necessary.

He says there is a groundswell for change among sheep and beef farmers which he believes will only continue to grow.