12 Feb 2014

Expert help for Maori farmers

6:55 am on 12 February 2014

Maori farmers and growers will soon be getting some expert help to add value to the food they produce.

The Federation of Maori Authorities has signed a memorandum of understanding with food science centre the Riddet Institute, in Palmerston North.

A spokesperson said the Maori agri-business sector was starting to look "beyond the farm gate" at high-value opportunities in the international market place.

Riddet Institute food innovation manager Abby Thompson said it would help to identify some of those opportunities.

"Where we see a real opportunity to work closely with FOMA is that FOMA is working to support the Maori economy, and there are large swathes of land that are now in Maori ownership where they are looking at trying to improve and increase the value that they are getting from that land," Dr Thompson said.