30 Mar 2010

CRI shakeup could produce better result - AgResearch

11:06 pm on 30 March 2010

The head of the country's biggest Crown Research Institute, AgResearch, says making the organisations more responsible for their performance could help the scientists who work there produce better results.

The Government has announced it will increase the percentage of long-term funding for the institutes, also known as CRIs, from 20% to 40% as part of its response to a Taskforce report on the institutes.

Another recommendation that it is taking up is to negotiate a rate of return from the individual organisations, instead of asking for a 9% return on investment.

Prime Minister John Key says the Government will also be holding the CRI boards more accountable for their performance.

AgResearch's chief executive officer, Dr Andrew West, says this shift in responsibility will be shared by everyone within the organisations.

He says he thinks they will welcome the opportunity to be judged on the decisions they make.