10 Apr 2014

FMG issues booklet for lifestyle block owners

2:23 pm on 10 April 2014

FMG has put out a free booklet featuring the tricks of the farming trade and common pitfalls for lifestyle block owners.

The rural insurance company has worked with agricultural scientist and communicator Clive Dalton, who runs a website for lifestyle block owners, to put out the manual.

Mr Dalton says it's full of handy advice for people starting out on a lifestyle block.

"They've listed a whole lot of things of look: before you get excited just relax and these are the things you've sort of got to look at before you get involved in a lifestyle block.

''There's property and buildings, there's fencing, there's equipment, what are you going to need, what about the water? Water is the first thing they should look at, they say before you have a look at the house go and see where the water is."

The booklet also has tips on keeping animals: such as warning lifestyle block owners that horses can open standard latches on gates by licking them and that tamper proof latches should be bought.

Mr Dalton says new lifestyle block owners can also access a newly revised and indepth pamphlet on keeping sheep off the lifestyle block website.