19 Apr 2010

Bay of Plenty maize growers warned about invasive weed

7:29 am on 19 April 2010

Maize growers in the Bay of Plenty are being warned to watch for an invasive cropping weed that has been found in some maize paddocks in the region.

The Bay of Plenty regional council says Noogoora burr is an aggressive plant pest that can rapidly invade riparian, grazing and cropping land, reducing its productivity.

A council plant pest officer, Andy McKay, says the weed has been found in a few maize paddocks in the western parts of the region and the council wants to contain it before it spreads further.

Noogoora burr grows up to two metres in height, and has leaves similar to that of a maple tree.

The seeds are held in a burr with hooked spines which can easily attach itself to clothing or animal fur.