27 Feb 2015

Dairy NZ joins river restoration strategy project

7:01 am on 27 February 2015

Meanwhile, the dairy industry body, Dairy NZ has joined with other groups to help restore water quality in the Waikato River.

Dairy NZ, along with the Waikato River Authority and Regional Council will contribute money and staff time to the Waikato River Restoration Strategy project over the next five to-15-years.

Dairy NZ's Environment Policy Manager Mike Scarsbrook said it would focus on practical ways in which the farming industry can contribute to cleaning up the river.

"Clearly, any change on farm is going to have cost implications. We want to be really sure that what we're asking our farmers to do in terms of making improvements is going to benefit the community as well as the river.

"So, if we can tighten up and identify areas where specific actions need to occur, whether it might be more targeted planting, more targeted control of riparian or effluent management on farms for example, we can get farmers to focus on things that are really going to have a big impact."

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