12 Jun 2010

All seasons felt this week in Horowhenua

5:54 pm on 12 June 2010

Horowhenua had all seasons this week: snow on Wednesday, sun on Thursday and rain on Friday.

Country Life reports autumn brassica crops have grown well, so large quantities are being sold and prices have dropped accordingly.

Elsewhere: the East Coast does not need any more rain. There was a cold spell last weekend, but things have warmed up since then.

The maize harvest, which is 80% through, has been held up, as have grapevine pruning and citrus harvesting.

The Nelson/Motueka region recorded about twice the normal amount of rain for May.

Country Life reports fruit packing is in full swing for export and domestic markets.

Old fruit trees are coming out and pruning is under way in the orchards.

Marlborough is still wet. Pre-lamb shearing has been held up for a month and farmers are keen to get this done before it gets too cold.