3 Sep 2015

Councils back bee feed plan

8:20 am on 3 September 2015

More than thirty councils across the country are getting behind a campaign to 'Feed the Bees' as part of this year's Bee Aware Month in September.

A beekeeper inspects a hive.

A beekeeper inspects a hive. Photo: Linda Newstom-Lloyd, Landcare Research

National Beekeepers Association chief executive Daniel Paul said the councils were dedicating a patch of land in their community to a bee-friendly garden which are to be planted with a wildflower seed mixture.

Mr Paul said bees pollinated about one third of the food we eat, so it was important to plant enough food for them to ensure they continued doing so.

He said the New Zealand bee population was in good shape, compared to some parts of the world.

"What we need to do though is not become complacent. We want to make sure that our bee populations are protected and preserved, and part of that is making sure that there is sufficient forage for them."

He said much of the rural sector was engaged in dairy and forestry, which took away a lot of the natural forage bees needed.

"So what we can do is plant where we can, and certainly in cities and towns that's very important."

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