20 Jul 2010

1080 alternative still years away

12:06 pm on 20 July 2010

Pesticide researchers working on alternatives to 1080 poison say viable options are still three to six years away.

1080 is effective at killing possums and other pests, but is criticised because of the danger it poses to dogs, livestock and people. It is also regarded by some people as inhumane.

The Environmental Risk Management Authority directed in 2007 that new research be held into alternatives.

Lincoln University Wildlife Management Professor Charles Eason says tests are taking place with cyanide and zinc phosphide, as well as new designer toxins.

He says the exciting element of future pesticide use is the potential for automatic delivery systems which poison pests as they run through bait stations.

Other studies are examining toxic agents in native flora, while others are trying to reduce pest fertility so less poison is needed.