7 Oct 2015

Horticulture hot on TPP

3:58 pm on 7 October 2015

The horticulture export sector sees substantial opportunity in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Greenhouse horticulture generic

Photo: 123rf.com

Horticulture Export Authority CEO Simon Hegarty said Japan's inclusion in the TPP was particularly welcome.

Mr Hegarty said tariffs paid by horticulture exporters across the remaining TPP markets are comparatively low or already at zero based on existing trade agreements so as the country's third largest market, Japan's inclusion was significant.

"We welcome this announcement, particularly with Japan's inclusion in the TPP providing for elimination of an estimated $28 million tariffs, which we wouldn't otherwise have achieved," Mr Hegarty said. "We are very confident that our full product range is included in this TPP deal which will ultimately see all tariffs to zero.

"Securing this agreement is a major achievement and step toward the export double growth objective. Eliminating trade-distorting tariffs in our key export markets and maintaining our international competitiveness is crucial for the future - we can't flourish without access to markets, and this agreement enhances that access."

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