7 Dec 2015

Deer farmers urged to plan for drought

5:59 am on 7 December 2015

Deer farmers should be able to come through the predicted summer dry in reasonable shape if they start preparing now, says the Deer Farmers Association.

Forecasters are forecasting the most significant El Niño weather event since the late 1990s this summer and drought conditions are predicted in many districts.

Deer Farmers Association president Kris Orange said the aim should be to minimise the cost of drought and limit its impact to one season.

"And that comes back to planning for the whole year like putting in crops, which is a little too late this season. But we were in a drought last season so people are putting in summer crops earlier and extra winter feed to try and tide them through.

"And also any surplus stock that is destined for slaughter is trying to get them up to weight as quickly as we can so they are off the place."

Mr Orange said it was critical for the hinds to remain in good condition for mating and fawning.

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