26 Apr 2016

Foreign workers' children a challenge - principal

7:03 pm on 26 April 2016

A primary school principal in Taranaki is calling for more specialist support for rural schools because of a burgeoning number of foreign dairy workers.

Karen Brisco is the principal of Omata Primary School, sits on the Principals' Federation executive board and also runs the Rural Matters team.

She said immigrant families with children who speak English as a second language were straining teaching resources and schools needed help.

Omata Primary School

Omata Primary School Photo: Supplied

She said many Taranaki dairy workers were immigrants and this was putting stress on smaller schools in the region.

"Their children are now attending rural schools in the area, and schools are noticing they have for a lot more English as a second language students appearing in schools."

She said this made it difficult to teach students that were still learning English and accessing specialist teaching and support was a problem.

Ms Brisco said the Ministry of Education needed to offer more support to rural schools in this area.