26 Jul 2008

International demand for venison hiking local price

1:45 pm on 26 July 2008

One of the country's biggest venison distributors says international demand for the meat is pushing up the price for local shoppers.

Victor Smith of Meat Direct says prices have increased over the past year, due in part to a strong marketing campaign by venison producers.

The organisation representing the deer industry says the meat sells for $55 a kilogram, on average, but some butchers are charging as much as $99 a kilogram.

Mr Smith says local supplies are very tight and will probably shrink further over the next three months.

Deer Industry New Zealand's venison marketing services manager, Innes Moffat, says the meat is selling well in new markets in Europe.

He says New Zealand exports between 90% and 95% per cent of its production, with Germany taking about 40% of that.