31 Jul 2008

Avocado growers hit for second year

12:51 pm on 31 July 2008

Avocado growers in Northland are counting their losses for a second year in a row, following this week's storm, which brought strong winds to the region.

It's just over a year since avocado orchards were last battered by strong winds and heavy rain in a big storm. Some growers at the time reported losses of up to 80% of their crop.

A representative of the New Zealand Avocado Grower's Association, Mike Eagles, says some orchardists report losses of between 15% - 50% of their crops this time.

He says the trees are shaken so much that their health is affected for another couple of leaves.

Mr Eagles suspects two years of bad luck in a row will be too much for some growers, and it's likely people will leave the industry.