16 Dec 2008

First attempt on world shearing record fails

11:17 am on 16 December 2008

The first of two attempts this week to break a New Zealand-held lamb shearing record has failed.

Taranaki-based Scottish shearer Gavin Mutch needed to shear more than 731 lambs to beat the world solo eight-hour strongwool lamb shearing record set by southern Hawke's Bay shearer Justin Bell six years ago.

Mr Mutch called off the attempt in the final run, when he needed to shear 189 lambs in two hours to break the record.

Each record attempt, in front of three judges, comprises four two-hour runs.

The challenge now rests with Ivan Scott, a Christchurch-based Irish shearer, who will make his bid on Friday.

Record holder Justin Bell, who thinks the record could one day get as high as 800 lambs, was attending both challenges and is closely involved with Scott's bid.