27 Jun 2011

Dairy supply company trials new milking techonology

3:54 pm on 27 June 2011

An international dairy supply company is trialling a new product, which it says will bring milking technology into line with farm development.

Waikato Milking Systems says Smart Command combines several milking processes, and allows farmers to record milk yield data and improve productivity.

Group Marketing Manager, Dave Cassells, says more and more dairy farmers want to boost production, without increasing herd numbers.

He says techonology needs to keep up to date with that, but also be affordable.

"We're trying to say to farmers we're looking to future-proof their equipment and the link we have to LIC (Livestock Improvement) now and Pro-track makes that kind of equipment more relevant than ever.

"The base function of that is to identify yield at the bale, so, as the cow is getting milked the farmer can see the yield. It's quit a handly tool to have."

Mr Cassells says the company hopes to launch the final product at next year's national agricultural fieldays near Hamilton.